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What We Do

PlayWorks, Inc. provides FREE quality Case Management and Special Instruction for eligible families with children ages birth to five years old.


Families become eligible two ways. The first is by qualifying for South Carolina’s Early Intervention program, BabyNet. The second path for eligibility is through South Carolina’s Department of Disabilities and Special Needs. All services provided by PlayWorks, Inc. are mandated by law to be provided in the natural environment of the child. This means where your child lives, visits and plays.

Case Management is very similar to being a gate keeper and payment approver for additional therapies and needs. Through an Individualized Family Service Plan (IFSP) that you help design and approve, additional services such as Special Instruction, Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, etc… are authorized for BabyNet Payment. This provides your child access to needed services without out –of –pocket charges to your family. In addition, we work to address all family issues that may hinder your child’s optimal development. Every family is different and needs different supports. We help you figure out resources and access all supports found in your community.

Play is a child’s work and that is why PlayWorks!

Special Instruction is a family oriented service that provides parents with the skills to enrich their child’s cognitive and social abilities. As the brain develops to 90% in size during the first three years of life, special instruction is designed to maximize your child’s potential. The goal of the special instruction provider is to educate and enable the family to create learning opportunities and solutions for learning through everyday activities and play.