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What To Expect

Receiving Early Intervention can feel complex when you first start because it is not a service you ever expected to need to for your child. Initial paperwork can be overwhelming. We understand that. As your chosen provider, we walk you through services. Below is a typical list of services we will be supporting you with. Every child is different so this may vary for you!

  • Conducting Developmental Assessments and writing goals that YOU agree with
  • Selecting an approved therapist, if needed (Speech, Physical and Occupational)
  • Assisting in securing the funds to pay for BabyNet approved services
  • Monitoring services to make sure your child is getting what he needs
  • Visiting with you and educating you on activities to stimulate your child’s developmental growth
  • Bringing resources to you that you may not be aware of like ABA, Autism Waiver information, ABC Childcare vouchers and TEFRA medicaid
  • Tracking your success and preparing your child for a successful future


We provide services where you are. While we are very professional in our service delivery, you will find us to be your friend.

On your side, every step of the way!