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Families We Serve

We feel like selecting your Early Intervention provider is a critical decision. As parents, we want to know that we are making an informed decision and we control who participates in our child’s life. PlayWorks, Inc. is proven to be a great choice. Please enjoy these testimonies of some of our most recent families:

What Our Families are Saying

“Ms. Julie is so helpful and has really helped improve the setbacks that my child had due to prematurinty.”    A.S.

“Kim has been with us since our journey with Autism Spectrum Disorder began.  As informative as I find our “work” sessions for the week…  I find comfort in having a shoulder to lean on when I feel alone or near the breaking point.”  J.G.

“Oh my, I could write a book!  I cannot begin to tell you how much Teresa has done for our family.  She is helpful, professional and knowledgable.  Having her in our home is the ultimate highlight of our week…”   A.S.N.

“Thank you seems so little compared to what you have done for me and our family.  We now have answers to our questions about our child.  Now we can move forward with treatments that are prescribed… continue to pray for our family as we lift you up in our prayers.”   R.C.C.